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Great doctor she diagnosed my problem right and wasn't anytime before it was under control. My husband , too
She is a great stomach doctor,she is very informative. She answers all your questions. She has taught me alot of stuff about my digestive system. My colonosopy and endoscopy went really good with her. I feel really comfortable with having her as my doctor,she's the best. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a great doctor that knows her stuff and is really nice and informative and listens to you. Dr Settles is the number 1 stomach doctor in Kentucky.
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Dr Settles provides Excellent care combined with compassion and understanding. Always listens and gets to the root of the problem. Always a smile!
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She provided the best care possible for my mom .She would even check on her if she heard she was in the hospital, even if it was other none gastrointestinal issues. Wonderful doctor
Very attentive and gave me options. Made me feel like I had a say in my lab of care.
She is a great dr. She treats my Mom, Marilyn Rice. She is kind, caring and truly great doctor!! She is great!
Cares about her patients, explains things in everyday language that you can understand
Dr settles is compassionate and knowledgeable Doctor. She has given my family the very best of care. I would recommend her to anyone.
Dr settles is a great Dr! Very knowledgeable and so easy to talk to ! She has helped me many times with my diverticulitis and my gastric reflux , highly recommend her !