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Dr. Siegel and his staff are extremely professional and courteous. He provided me with my treatment plan in a straightforward and clear manner. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel.
I've been Dr. Siegel's patient for many years and have always been given the best care. He performed a partial knee replacement several years ago, and recently repaired my torn rotator cuff. In both cases, he kept me informed about all of my options, as well as all aspects of the surgeries and the recovery after. In both cases, I held off having surgery because of all of the stories I'd heard about how terrible they would be, and each time the surgery and recovery were much easier than I had anticipated. I ended up wishing I had had both procedures years earlier. A fantastic doctor and surgeon!
Dr. Siegel was the surgeon for my rotator cuff surgery this past November. My entire experience with Dr. Seigel and his excellent Parsippany office staff could not have been better. Dr. Seigel was compassionate and patient during office visits both before and after the surgery. I never felt rushed during office visits. The Parsippany office staff is first rate. They were always accessible for making or changing appointments and were very helpful with scheduling my surgery and assisting during office visits. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel and staff.
All my visits were informational and productive. I felt confident in the conversations that I had with the Doctor. My outcome was very successful after my shoulder surgery. I am recommending Dr. Siegel to anyone needing shoulder surgery.
Dr Jeffery Siegel Was Outstanding a very well versed surgeon and doctor in this field . James Gredell Parsippany nj
Excellent. Everything he predicted came to be. Surgery was 100% successful for torn quad tendon.